Does your hotel look good on booking sites?

You work hard to make your hotel appeal to clients with professional photos, detailed property & room descriptions and comprehensive lists of amenities & services. Unfortunately, this rarely finds its way onto your listings on booking channels.

Hotel Data Cloud changes that.

Get Found

Hotel Data Cloud is the only hotel database that lets you manage room type descriptions, add amenities, and host attributable photos for booking sites — so you can increase your visibility to potential clients. Multilingual descriptions lets you speak to guests in their native tongue and helps you easily reach international markets.

Sell smarter

Hotel Data Cloud gives hotel owners and managers control of their information on third-party sites. You continuously invest in your property and these efforts should be communicated: Keep your listings up-to-date and instantly distribute news & changes. Your guests will make smart and well-informed booking decisions and arrive without any trace of uncertainty, knowing they made the right choice.

Save time

With Hotel Data Cloud, you can update the property details on all your booking channels with a single click. With a standardized format for automated content distribution, we put an end to the repetitive and inefficient task of updating every listing manually. Spend less time chasing channels and shuffling paperwork. Spend more time running your hotel and ensuring the happiness of your guests.

Improve your hotel's presence around the web.

We distribute your content & information to an extensive network of wholesalers, tour operators, travel agencies, OTAs and booking engines. And we're adding more every day. Missing a channel that's relevant for your hotel?

Let us know and we'll make sure they start receiving your content & information from Hotel Data Cloud.

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Longer descriptions in

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* billed anually in advance

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Features: Customized


800 Word Hotel Description

800 Word Room Descriptions

Descriptions in 10 Languages

Editorial Support for Descriptions (Paid Add-on Upon Request)

Translation of Descriptions
(Paid Add-on Upon Request)

Over 623 Hotel Attributes

Fully Detailed Room Amenities

Fully Detailed Hotel Amenities, Facilities, Features & Services

Basic Details for Meeting,

Events & Conference Facilities

50 High Resolution Images

Image Metadata: Captions, Tags, Categories & Descriptions

Room Type Attribution of Images

Videos, 360° Images & Virtual Tours (Paid Add-on Upon Request)


Includes everything from Premium and:

1000 Word Hotel Description

1000 Word Room Descriptions

Descriptions in Unlimited Languages

1 FREE Translation of Hotel Description Included

80 High Resolution Images

See what you can do with Hotel Data Cloud:

Own Your Data on Third-Party Sites

Tired of emailing booking partners and repeatedly filling out intake sheets to update your information? Annoyed by having to tediously update multiple OTA extranets with the same information, over and over again?

Simply enter your existing hotel and room descriptions and upload photos into HDC. Add amenities, features and details like parking, breakfast, access times of your hotel facilities and WiFi connectivity. Creating an HDC profile is simple and painless. It doesn't require any setup, system integration or technical knowledge - sign up and get started immediately. We'll take care of the rest and ensure consistent content distribution.

Get #backincontrol

Fed up getting blaming for the mistake of others? Many booking channels strew outdated and incorrect information. It's not your fault - yet studies show that 9 out of 10 guests hold the hotel accountable for how it's portrayed in its listings.

With HDC you are back in control of your descriptive content. We help you get the word out if anything has changed and ensure that your guests receive accurate and comprehensive information. They'll arrive well informed and know exactly what to expect - no more surprises, no more wrong accusations. Satisfied guests will leave better reviews - and drive more bookings to your business.

Distribute Content Like It's 2020

It's time to step up the game and distribute content efficiently. It's time to meet customer expectations and ensure that they can easily discover your hotel information.

Say goodbye to the days of manually sending WeTransfer and Dropbox links or ZIP files via email. Say hello to the most efficient way of updating your channels. By using HDC you can distribute changes within seconds. Globally. To all your channels. Not just with comprehensive information and media, but also with news and temporary changes. An average sized hotel saves 37.5 hours per month by automating content distribution.

Speak Your Guests Language

Are you aware that 90% of online bookers choose a native language when available and 78% are more likely to book when a hotel listing is written in their own language? In countries like Japan and France, a staggering number of 60% won’t buy from a site that isn’t in their native tongue.

These powerful numbers underline how much revenue you might be leaving on the table if your descriptions are not well written and available in several languages. HDC lets you easily distribute multi-language descriptions to your booking partners globally. And you can request affordable editorial support or a translation with one click, directly from within HDC.

Some of our partners:

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United Nations World Tourism Organization - Healing Solutions for Tourism

What others say about Hotel Data Cloud:

"The customer journey is of paramount importance to us and we are very proud to be collaborating with Hotel Data Cloud to enable our members to make even better booking decisions. Having access to multilingual descriptions and over 600 attributes is a tremendous value add."

Folker Heim
Chief Operating Officer
Global Hotel Alliance

Folker Heim - COO Global Hotel Alliance

“Re-establishing trust by being open and transparent with travelers, is a critical factor in restarting tourism globally. It is encouraging to see HDC stepping up to that challenge and offering a solution that will enable hotels to rebuild customer confidence and trust by being able to share vital attributes, that affect travel decision making,”

Natalia Bayona - Innovation and Digital Transformation, UNWTO

Natalia Bayona
Director of Innovation,
Education and Investments

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Muhammad Chbib
Founder of tajawal

"OTAs and other travel consumer businesses
try to solve the lacking quality content issue for hotels. They always fail. The only appropriate approach I believe is what HDC offers!"

About Hotel Data Cloud

Keeping hotel information up-to-date is a huge pain. So we decided to fix it. We looked at how hoteliers and travel companies manage property descriptions, and how can we make that easier for them? We used the answers to create Hotel Data Cloud: The only comprehensive hotel database that lets hoteliers manage and distribute standardized descriptive content easily and efficiently.

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